What Are Scare Tactics Used By Federal Investigators For Drug Diversion In New York City?

At times, federal agencies investigating drug diversions, such as the DEA, can scare doctors, pharmacists and others into cooperating with their investigation.  This is sometimes accomplished by overstating the legal liability a doctor would have in a patient’s actions.

If a patient has been doctor shopping, it is very likely that the doctor will have had no indication of the patients actions, has acted in good faith with belief that patient is in pain and has not committed a crime.  Cooperating with the investigation will then be at the discretion of the physician.  In these situations, legal counsel is invaluable in ensuring your rights are protected.

Entrapment is another potential area where federal scare tactics come into play.  Some investigators will rely heavily one the use of undercover informants and others to induce wrongdoing.  It is important to be firm and through when prescribing painkillers, ensuring that the patient’s story is consistent and plausible.

Never accept an undue benefit from writing a prescription and reevaluate claims of persistent pain with every prescription.  Doing so will avoid entrapment or other threats against you or your practice because of drug diversion.

If you feel that federal investigators are intimidating you, you will need to know your rights.  Call our NYC criminal lawyers, call us today at (212) 227-0860 for an immediate consultation.

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